Tips and Tricks for Choosing Outdoor Power #DigIn

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

Tools of the Trade - tips and tricks for choosing outdoor power equipment at Home Depot #DigIn
Hi friends! So our outdoor power equipment series is coming to an end – but I have a fun outcome to share with you today – a purchase! I know, I know – finally, right? Let’s see, we’ve talked about Innovations in Outdoor Power, our current Outdoor Power Needs, and Shopping for Outdoor Power. So we’re finally at making your outdoor power purchase! Oh, my favorite part (yes, this gal is a shopper at heart).

Outdoor Power Equipment with The Home Depot #DigIn

We’ve talked about a TON of important outdoor power tools during this series – lawn mowers, string and hedge trimmers, leaf blowers and pressure washers – all shown above. And Home Depot is your one-stop shopping source for your outdoor power needs! Why? Well let me tell you the tricks of the trade, or rather, what I’ve learned along the way.

Tips and Tricks for Choosing Outdoor Power Equipment

  • Do your research. Know what’s available to you. Check out online sources like the Home Depot Outdoor Power page and find out the latest in outdoor power technology. Many tools today are lighter, faster, more efficient – you’ll want to know all this to weigh into your decision.
  • Assess your current needs. Chances are you don’t need it all. So really catalog what you need and make a prioritized list. If you do need a number of tools, decide what’s in your budget now and what will have to wait. Then start at the top of your priority list and save for future purchases. Understanding the latest in technology (see above) will also help you here. For instance if you need a number of tools that could fit within the RYOBI One+ line, that’s good to line up, up front, so you can save down the road by relying on a shared battery.
  • Get hands on. Once you’re armed with some research and a list of your needs, get hands on! Head down to Home Depot and get a feel for the products you’re looking for. You might find that, in person, you like one product or brand over another. And Home Depot offers a wide variety of brands and sizes so that you’re never left to settle!

Helpful charts at The Home Depot make those hard decisions easier!

  • Read the signs. One thing that I LOVED in The Home Depot were these handy dandy charts! For instance, when shopping for Pressure Washers, I could see the uses for Light Duty, Medium Duty and Pro Duty. You can can also look at a list of pressure washer project types to match up what you want to use it for with what PSI ranges you need to look to buy! Easy peasy.
  • Finally, get advice. Everywhere I went in Home Depot I was greeted by helpful associates! Seriously. Even down to the size BBQ grill cover I needed when I was just browsing covers. And good thing! I almost bought the wrong size (silly me). But if you have questions – ask! It’s great to get advice from people you can really tell they know what they’re talking about!

So, does that help? I hope so! I hope my experience can help you with your next Home Depot power purchase! Now, ready for my purchase? I know you’re going to be shocked – but meet our newest family member…

Cleanforce 1400 psi Electric Pressure Washer

Now we just got her on Memorial Day – but since then we’ve been cleaning EVERYTHING outside! Our windows, our grill, our dusty stucco walls, our patio – our patio furniture!

Cleaning patio furniture with the Cleanforce 1400 psi Electric Pressure Washer

And based on our research (what outdoor power was available), our assessment of needs (everything outside needed a good wash!), the weight and size of the washer (easy enough for me to handle), the chart showing just what I needed (the right psi for my project types), and good, friendly Home Depot advice – I really feel like we picked the perfect tool! How do I know? Just because of how much we’ve already used it – and how many more cleaning projects we have on the list! Want to see it in action real quick? I took a little snippet of my hubs washing our grill…

Fun right? Well I hope you enjoyed our Home Depot series! We certainly had fun – and learned a TON along the way! But before we go – if you haven’t yet, be sure to sign up for The Home Depot Garden Club (use code GCSweeps)! Why should you join the Garden Club?  Here are just some of the benefits:

  • $5 off your next $50 lawn & garden purchase, just for signing up
  • Over $300 in annual email savings
  • Project ideas, how-to videos
  • Expert advice from the team at The Home Depot, customized to your region of the country

AND from now through June 13th, if The Home Depot Garden Club Bloggers reach our goal of sign-ups using “GCSweeps,” one of us get to GIVEAWAY  $1,000 Home Depot Giftcard! SAY WHAT? So sign up for free today and let’s get that giveaway going!

The Home Depot Garden Club #DigIn

It’s home improvement time, and The Home Depot has everything you need to #DigIn for Spring. No matter what projects you want to tackle, they have great values on all you need. They’re ready to help you with renovation ideas and expert advice, too.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.


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  1. Woo! We love our pressure washer too. Those things are miracle workers!
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  2. WOw~ That pressure washer looks amazing!
    Melanie recently posted..DIY Dance Photo Prop SignMy Profile

  3. Jealous! Our deck and house get so grimy this would be amazing!!

  4. Congratulations on your power washer! That’s just the power tool I need to whip my patio into shape! I receive the garden club emails and love them! They are so informative!! Thanks Kimberly

  5. loooove me a pressure washer!!!

  6. We have a pressure washer and it’s amazing to see what a difference it makes!!
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  7. That pressure washer looks so awesome!! We need to get one for ourselves!!

  8. A pressure washer would be so useful! Sometimes I just stick my thumb over the garden hose and try to spray stuff down, but it doesn’t generate the same pressure at all! :-)
    Jessi @ Practically Functional recently posted..DIY Hammered Spoon Garden MarkersMy Profile

  9. Amanda @ Dreamsicle Sisters says:

    I love the Home Depot garden club. They have great tips and coupons!

  10. I so want a pressure washer now! My BBQ grill could really use it!
    Summer recently posted..Bacon, Garlic and Parmesan PotatoesMy Profile

  11. Could not live without the pressure washer! ;)
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  13. That pressure washer looks amazing!!
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  14. This reminds me that we need to pressure wash our deck… But I love this info and it almost looks fun! :)
    Shannon at MadiganMade recently posted..Simple DIY Jewelry Ideas You Can MakeMy Profile

    • Haha, right Shannon? I had no idea at the beginning that I would be so happy with an outdoor power tool. And I do feel more empowered now to make these kinds of purchases!

  15. Pressure washers not only do a fantastic job, but they’re great fun to use too! Great blog btw :-)

  16. You have me convinced. I want one of these. Especially for cleaning the BBQ and outdoor furniture.
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  17. I never really thought about using a pressure washer to clean outdoor furniture. Thought of it mainly for decks,and walls, but it sure is a great idea for chairs as well.
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