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Rhonna Designs App | #rhonnadesigns_app #photoapp #instagram #iphone

Hi friends! Time for another installment of Technology Tuesday! You KNOW we love our photography apps that go right along with our Instagram obsession, right? Well it’s finally here, the best photo app I’ve ever used – the Rhonna Designs App! Now I’ve been using Rhonna Designs Insta-Kits for a while and I have to say whenever I use them frequently I get a lot of questions about what app I’m using. And now I’m so glad I can point everyone in one fabulous direction!

Rhonna Designs App | #rhonnadesigns_app #photoapp #instagram #iphone

There is so much that you can do – you can add color, frames, designs, masks and more using Rhonna’s distinctive and creative style. ¬†And all for just $1.99 – I cannot express how much of a STEAL that is. I was blown away by how many designs and options that Rhonna offered with the $1.99 package, and though she’s hinted at a few future $.99 add-ons, this really is the BEST $1.99 you’ll spend on a photo app – EVER.

Add color to your photos with the Rhonna Designs App | #rhonnadesigns_app #photoapp #instagram #iphone Add frames to your photos with the Rhonna Designs App | #rhonnadesigns_app #photoapp #instagram #iphone Add designs to your photos with the Rhonna Designs App | #rhonnadesigns_app #photoapp #instagram #iphone Add masks to your photos with the Rhonna Designs App | #rhonnadesigns_app #photoapp #instagram #iphone Create beautiful photos with the Rhonna Designs App | #rhonnadesigns_app #photoapp #instagram #iphone

I’ve had so much fun playing around already, and I know I’ve just scratched the surface! Here are a few of my creations so far…

@anightowlblog Instagrams using #RhonnaDesigns_app @anightowlblog Instagrams using #RhonnaDesigns_app @anightowlblog Instagrams using #RhonnaDesigns_app

So fun, right? And all so unique. And again, there is so much more to the app than I’ve even had time to tinker with. So, right now the app is only for the iPhone. It sounds like Rhonna has plans for Android in the works, but app development is tough – so hang in there Android users! Rhonna answers this question and MORE in her FAQs and introduction to the Rhonna Designs App, make sure you head over there to get your questions answered and learn more!

But in the meantime, if you’re on the iPhone, be sure to download this baby today, you won’t be disappointed!


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